Bauhaus to release ‘The Bela Session’ including 3 previously unreleased tracks; (in depth appreciation of Bauhaus here)

‘The Bela Session’ by Bauhaus will be released on the 23rd November 2018 on both vinyl and digital platforms worldwide.

The EP captures Bauhaus’ first recording session which took place on the 26th January 1979, just six weeks after forming. This is the first release of the complete recording session, and the first official reissue of “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” on vinyl. The audio has been newly mastered from the original tape by Mandy Parnell at Black Saloon Studios.

“Bela Lugosi’s Dead” is considered the original gothic rock record and a cornerstone of the specific genre. Originally released in 1979 via London based Small Wonder Records in aprint run of 5000 copies; “Bela” failed to make its mark on the UK chart, however it remained a staple of the UK independent singles chart for many years.

“Bela Lugosi’s Dead” has widely influenced contemporary goth culture as well as popular culture at large. Among many highlights, a live recording of “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” was the iconic soundtrack to the opening scene of 1983 horror film The Hunger (starring David Bowie, Catherine Deneuve, and Susan Sarandon); it’s been covered by Nine Inch Nails, Massive Attack, Nouvelle Vague, Chvrches and others; cited as an influence on authors Chuck Palahniuk and Neil Gaiman; used on Saturday Night Live’s skit “Goth Talk”; and the band itself was parodied on Beavis & Butthead and South Park.

The track was almost instantly picked up by John Peel at BBC Radio 1, who reguarly played it on his highly influential eveing show; this brought the band to the attention of and were signed with 4AD Records. They would go onto release six albums over four years (1980-1983). After disbanding in 1983, members of the band went on to form Love And Rockets and Tones On Tail while Peter Murphy advertised Maxell cassette tapes and enjoyed a successful solo career.


1. Bela Lugosi’s Dead (Official Version)
2. Some Faces
3. Bite My Hip
4. Harry
5. Boys (Original)

The Bela Session will be issued on 180 gram white vinyl (ltd. 1000) and 180 gram Black vinyl; Printed inner sleeve with facsimile of the recording session’s tape box; 20 x 20-inch poster of the original “Bela” 12-inch cover

Advance Orders are avaiable at Stones Throw or Bauhaus Bandcamp

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