Battle Worldwide Recordings have four new releases coming out this month, Louder Than War’s Adrian Bloxham has been listening to them, read what he thinks below.

ASx – Obstacle of my Affection 

Digital Single

Out 31st of March


This is a slice of pop that harks to the likes of Lorde, slick production and a strong female voice. It’s got what it needs to follow the aforementioned to the top of the charts. But it feels a bit too shiny, the second track is better, more attitude and a harder voice over the top of the pop sheen. The title track is ultimately just another shiny not too deep disposable song and really doesn’t leap out at me at all but as they used to say, buy it for the B side.

Co-Pilgrim: I know Love

Double A-Side Digital Single

Out Now


This harks back to a simpler sound, the luscious harmonies and the soaring strings bring you from the feel of classic Teenage Fanclub to the sound of the Byrds and beyond. It takes the spirit of the sixties and in a swoon of twangy guitar and gentle strumming brings it back for you. I’ve always been a sucker for this sound and so I like this a lot. A gentle sound that takes you away to a better place. The last track is a dreamy cover of ‘Boys of Summer’ transforming it into a heartfelt lament for youth, quite beautiful.

Falling Stacks – Vizsla

Digital EP

Out 24th of March


This is sharp as nails, spiky and mean. It’s confrontational in the best way it could be. The music stops and starts, it shudders and grows and it sounds bloody great. Pretty much all they have done has been cool so I had high expectations and trust me, I’ve not been disappointed. Three tracks and excellent as it is, all they do is wet your appetite for more.

Swaying Wires – Some Blue Sky


Out 17th March


This is an album of gentle folk rock; the vocal is fragile and delicate which works very well with the music, a mix of small noises contrasting with heavy guitar riffs. It has a timeless feel, gentle and sweet. It has an indie sound, think of the Throwing Muses and their peers. The ten songs grow and fall away spinning and circling you; it is a gentle hurricane of sound. Just wonderful.


Battle World Recordings website is here.

Co-Pilgrim’s website is here. They can also be found on Facebook and are on Twitter as @copilgrim.

Falling Stacks can be found on Facebook and are on Twitter as @fallingstacks.

Swaying Wires website is here. They can also be found on Facebook and are on Twitter as @SwayingWires.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. More work by Adrian on Louder Than War can be found here




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