Barry Cadogan (Little Barrie – Primal Scream) : Top 10 favourite albums : number 8


It’s hard to choose between this and it’s predecessor There’s A Riot Going On. Sly had made brilliant ground breaking records before these two albums, but these sound like a leap decades forward. Although Riot sets the tone for Fresh, I chose it because of the songs – In Time, If You Want Me To Stay, Let Me Have It All, Frisky etc. It’s so modern, but beautifully written. Musically it’s mind blowing, the way the instruments all skip around each other in stabs and short phrases. It’s like nothing else. There’s none of that usual ‘glue’ holding the tracks together like a constant piano or rhythm guitar. It’s more about the bass and the drummer. His singing is incredible. I love the close, dry sounding production and the use of the drum machine too. How do you even begin to compose music like this? The man’s a star and a genius.

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