Another album in my sisters record collection in 1989. Like the ‘Roses album this was played a lot in the house too. The first Dinosaur track I’d heard was Freak Scene on a 45 and I loved the sonic blast of J Mascis’ guitar but also how they were so melodic at the same time and the combination J’s laid back vocals with the high energy of the band. The way the album opens with the tracks cutting into each other is like a mixtape or something- The frantic fuzz wah of Little Fury Things, heading straight into Kracked straight into Sludgefeast, keeping the momentum of the album like a gig. The production almost has a 4-track like quality to it, beautifully underproduced, capturing the raw spirit of a band on form. A kind of production I still love. Another massive inspiration guitar wise. The Lung has one of my fav guitar breaks. 

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