Barry Blood back catalogue to be remastered by SonTwenty-five years after Barry Blood’s premature death in December 1989 at the age of 45, his master recordings are being restored and re-mastered for the digital age by his son Steve Blood (Bad Dads Club, The Hollow).

Barry Blood was a leading light in the Manchester music scene from the late 60’s onwards when his band The Trixons supported The Beatles at the Pavilion Gardens in Buxton in 1963. He also worked as a session guitarist for Shane Fenton/Alvin Stardust, and writing, recording and touring Europe with The Blood Band.

In 1985 his song ‘Killing Time’ was chosen by producer Malcolm Gerrie to feature in BBC’s EastEnders to support the story line of the on/off love between Den and Angie.

She’s the Queen of My Rock and Roll World was released as a 7″ single on Barry’s Wrechord Records label in 1982 and is currently attracting high prices by collector’s for its rarity and it’s classic blues-rock performance.

Safari (1975) is an early instrumental recording from 1975 whilst Casino, from 1985, shows the development of Barry’s writing and production technique fusing rock solos over a pop production more akin to Trevor Horn (spot similarities to Frankie’s Two Tribes).

Steve will be releasing a full studio and live album of his Fathers re-masters later this year.


Steve Blood is on Soundcloud here. You can follow Bad Dads Club on Twitter here and like Steve Blood on Facebook here.

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  1. I studied guitar with Barry during 88/89. Best thing that I could have done. Somewhere I a have a cassette that he made in his home recording studio in Davenport, various song styles. I recall his guitars on display at his funeral in Buxton.
    I would love to purchase a copy of his remastered recordings.

  2. Hi there, I grew up hearing the name Barry Blood from my Dad – Russ Wood. Does anyone know if my dad did any singing with Barry or if anyone knew my Dad back in the day. Thank you.

    • Hi Maria! Only just come to my attention…. of course I remember your dad!! What an era…. your dad did sing with my uncle Barry…. at the Royal Oak Hurdlow….. I hope you’re keeping well xx

      • Hi there Nicki, thank you so much for your reply – that’s really made me smile. I too hope you are well and keeping safe. Kind regards. Maria. xxx

    • Hi Maria!
      Rather belated but your Dad did a few gigs with us (Compendium) in the early seventies. I remember one was at the Pavilion Gardens Octagon about ’73 and also one at the Ashwood. I have a photo somewhere. I knew him at Kents Bank School in the early fifties. He saved me from a good hiding there one day when he found out my name was also Wood! Nobody messed with Russ.

      • Hi there Pete, thank you for your message – it means a great deal to me.
        I am so pleased somebody remembers him, he’s been gone 30 years this July.
        Memories are so fantastic, I do appreciate you sharing yours with me.
        I hope you are well. Take care. Maria. xxx

  3. I knew Barry for a brief period in the early 80s when he used to play in venues in the Bournemouth/Poole area. I remember him selling me his latest single at the time and him telling me it was the very first pressing W 001 She’s The Queen of my Rock and Roll World/Wha D’ Ya Say. Unfortunately, I don’t know where it is now.

  4. I was briefly in a projected band with Barry in summer 1974………I met him and his drummer Gary at an audition in Tottenham…… fell apart when the guy with the finance backed out…..he was quite a character…..and a great guitarist…..

  5. I first met Barry and his brother Alan when they were on Ferneydale Avenue from 1949.
    He was five and I was 10. In those days he was passionate about football. The Hungarian forward, Ferenc Puskas was his hero!
    It would be many years before he picked up a guitar. Even in those early days he had developed a strong personality which many people would become familiar with throughout his life!

  6. I am devastated that I had a signed single from Barry. I was only a child at the time and my dad was a friend of Barry’s. My dad loved music and was in awe of Barry as a musician. My dad came from davenport himself but seem to think they met in the three tuns in Stockport


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