Barb Wire Dolls: Grimsby – live and photo review

Barb Wire Dolls
Yardbirds, Grimsby
26th November 2013

Barb Wire Dolls bring their high energy thrash punk to grimsby and idp goes down Freemo to enjoy the event.

Surprisingly, considering that it frequently scores high in various ‘crap towns and places that people like to take the piss out of’ lists, Grimsby has a bustling music scene and when the Barb Wire Dolls come to town to play The Yardbirds on Freeman Street there was plenty of quality local support with an opening set from post-punk trio Ricochet, followed by Not Tonight And The Headaches and Dead Dads.

The Barb Wire Dolls are one of those super photogenic bands who make the rest of us look a bit drab. With Isis Queen on vocals in lime green spandex and a purple rubber bra (I don’t usually do fashion commentary but it’s a great look), both guitarist and drummer Pyn Doll and Krash Doll stripped to the waist and new bass player Remmington Pearce (how cool a name is that?) remaining aloof on the left they are a photographer’s dream and a reminder to the rest of us how good we all could have looked if we’d just resisted all that beer and food and stuff.


Hailing from Greece via Los Angeles, the band tour relentlessly, spreading the word and making plenty of fans on the way with their high energy performances. Centre of attention is always Isis Queen who has charisma to spare and an irresistible mix of assertiveness and vulnerability, whether she is singing and dancing frenziedly, writhing on top of the monitors, curled in a ball at the foot of the drum risers or riding through the crowd on the shoulders of audience members it’s impossible to take your eyes off her for long.

It’s not a one trick show though – the band sound great – real high energy stuff, great crashing drums, super tight bass from Pearce and some hints of metal and thrash thrown in for good measure from the guitar of Pyn Doll. They also have a happy knack of breaking things down every so often so that Isis Queen can do her rhythmic chanting thing over the top of the beat. At times she recalls a young Patti Smith and there really isn’t any higher praise than that.



Barb Wire Dolls can be found on Facebook, BandCamp and SoundCloud. other bands can be found on Facebook – Ricochet, Not Tonight And The Headaches, Dead Dads.

All words by idp. More work by idp can be found in his Louder Than War archive. His photography website is here and his photo blog is here.

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