Banjo - Louder Than War Radio - Drum & Bass Show!

Banjo's Drum & Bass Show - Louder Than War Radio!

Louder Than War writer Banjo has joined Louder Than War Radio. His Drum & Bass show is a unique addition to the roster of shows which are building on the radio station. His first show goes out Friday at 9pm and includes a huge selection of classics – see the list below. 

Listen to Radio Louder Than War

Get stuck in tonight at 9pm!

Track No Artist Song Label
1 Marble Elephant Fractals of Life Traxsource
2 PLTX Emotions C Recordings
3 Luciano Butterflies Celsius Recordings
4 Leniz Chicama Goldfat Records
5 SOLR Missing You Liquid Series
6 AUDBL Times Change Hypeddit
7 Rezilient Loving You Drumcode
8 Detect Theory & Synthezia Silhouette Dance Celsius Recordings
9 Echo Motion Gave It All Bay 6 Recordings
10 Nelver Life Symphony Celsius Recordings
11 PLTX Way Too High Celsius Recordings
12 Luciano High Hopes Celsius Recordings
13 Ferice fest SOLR Tides C Recordings
14 Phoenix & Caldera Celeste
15 Rezilient & Aydn In My Head Future Retro
16 Seathasky feat Collette Warren Can’t Right Now Fokuz Recordings
17 Kori Nobody But Myself Liqucity
18 Liquid Memoirs Summit Influenza Media
19 Colossus Fragments Galacy
20 L.A.O.S. Begin Again High Tea Music
21 Dawn Wall Rain God Ekho
22 Macca & Los Contreras You Were Mine Integral Records
23 Metrik Chasing Sunrise Hospital Records
24 Seba Nothing Can Replace Secret Operations
25 Pola & Bryson Dream Days Shogun Audio
26 Glxy Feat Blake Mind Less Pilot
27 Emba & Paper Dragon State of Flow Spearhead Records
28 BCee Armed & Dangerous Drum & Bass Arena
29 Blacklab Curious Future Retro
30 Detect Theory & Synthezia Don’t Want To Stay Celsius Recordings


2 Hours of amazing drum & bass. Tonight’s show will move to 9pm on Thursday’s from next week!

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