smart, hip, and glam- Dragster
smart, hip, and glam- Dragster

high decibel sex chaos! Dragster live
high decibel sex chaos! Dragster live

Hardcore Rock n’ Roll at its finest! Dragster are inspired by filthy, dangerous things; from the rockabilly 50s to the heedless and hard-knock Punk way of living! A “Fuck Mediocrity!” straight from the heart of Coventry! Signed with STP records and touring all over the U.K to print a long lasting impression on the ever increasing crowds they attract at the biggest festivals to the nastiest little venues! They played Rebellion several times, as well as other festivals such as The Lost Weekender, and the all-new and fetching Punk By The Sea in Pompey.

They’re implausibly raw, and their music is inspired by a range of genres from the early rise of Rock n’ Roll to Grunge and Garage, and the punk element is without a doubt beyond apparent; a tenacious and relentless lot; musically and generally! Fi’s the female vocalist; a magnetic and fury demeanour; character-full and has very well marked her territory on any stage with her infamous latex costume that transforms her into an explicit and disorderly fetish treat. Incredible vocals and indulgence with music.

Then there’s Diesel on Rhythm guitar; faithful husband and “lucky son-of-a-gun” as I would only assume most men are thinking! He’s got a fervent talent, progressive persistence and is simply rocking all the way! Ac Speed is the lead guitarist who probably took the wrong flight from the 80s Rock era to our time. He’s a descendant of the “Hanoi Rocks” generation; looks and skills alike! Cool, calm yet barely-collected on stage, and a proper mess off of it! You just can’t not have a good time around these guys! Tom AK plays the bass; a seemingly temperate man but is pretty much the glue that holds the band together they just wouldn’t sound the same without him, there’s no other way to explain it really but to catch him live and dig what you hear; filthy, untamed bass lines…

Alex Page is on the drums, great drummer, he also has been playing with Vice Squad since November 2011. Enough Said? He also occasionally plays with Texas Terri Bomb and roadies for The Damned during their UK tours. “They’re great guys to work with, as for the guys and girl in DragSTER we get on really well and there’s great chemistry when we play” says Page.

Stay tuned to DragSTER; they have some upcoming shows in the near future including Ibiza Hard Rock Hell, and Punk and Disorderly.

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