Bob Geldof has brought Band Aid’s Do They Know Its xmas back to raise funds to combat Ebola.


There’s lots of famous people yodelling away on there, most of them we don’t care about but the cause is solid gold so fair play to Geldof. Lets hope it raises millions for a good cause as long as we don’t have to hear the damn thing. Released on Nov 17 it could on for the xmas number one fighting it out with the Farm’s All Together Now and the latest X Factor rubbish.


Chris Martin bloke from Coldplay, Foals and Boris Johnson looklalike Ed Sheeran and loads of other fairly indistinguishable pop star types  will all feature on a new Band Aid 30 charity single, marking the 30th anniversary of the original Band Aid’s ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’.



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  1. Think it’s more about self publicising and filing their pension pots and inflated egos expecting hard working Brits to yet again dig deep for charity when most people are just struggling to stay above the breadline.


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