I come from Blackpool and I know about shoddy merchandise.

Over the years I’ve come to love those china Blackpool towers, those weird snowstorm things and tea towels with seagulls on them.

But even this love of all things tackoid with their own strange charm is beaten away by this, lets face it, ridiculous piece of bootleg Sex Pistols merch that our dear friends Fairground Accidents dug up on the internet.

Look we know that this is nothing to do with the band.

Infant it barely looks like the band- it’s like a half forgotten bad memory of the band remoulded into the wrong line up and mixed up and spat out and sold as small china dolls. God knows who ever bough these but we are mighty glad that a photo exists of this merch weirdness…ladies and gentlemen we give you the Sex-less Pistols- a covers band with the members in the wrong order! just check out Johny on his lead geeetar!


bad merchandise! Sex Pistols – this has to be seen to be believed…



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