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BAD BREEDING release brutal C.S.A.M video banned from YouTube ahead of UK tour

If you’re looking for a state of the nation address, look no further. said Joe Whyte reviewing the new Bad Breeding album for Louder Than War.  Here’s the latest missive from the band.

Stevenage anarcho-punks, Bad Breeding release a subversive political message for their explosive track C.S.A.M on video format, ahead of their UK tour this week.

The compiled footage for C.S.A.M was banned from YouTube on upload as part of the channel’s latest shutdown of controversial content.

“Indexthumb has created a video that comments on the manufactured angles played out in the media that seek to gain traction for imperialist manoeuvres around the world. It’s a video that echoes the use of shock-and-awe tactics and infantilisation that are employed to bypass or simplify conversations about complex issues,” explains frontman Christopher Dodd.

“The pursuit of western imperialism in the last two decades has arguably accounted for the deaths of at least half a million people in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have also had untold carnage unfold in other parts of the Middle East. And for what? Oil? Money? National pride? Strategic positioning? Our march of emancipatory progress? C.S.A.M. stands in direct opposition to the rank western moralisation of war and the political misdirection that has led us to this point; all the bloodshed, lives lost and money made.”

Here it is.

Bad Breeding – C.S.A.M. from One Little Indian Records on Vimeo.


C.S.A.M is a sonic beating that defines the vicious acts of war.

Bad Breeding’s new album, Exiled is freshly released on fold-out sleeve black vinyl and download via One Little Indian Records HERE

UK Tour:
July 21st Crofter’s Rights, Bristol
July 22nd The Polar Bear, Hull
July 23rd Temple of Boom, Leeds
July 24th The Moon, Cardiff
July 25th Electrowerkz, London

Stream Exiled here


Press Release from Division/OLI slightly edited by Ged Babey for LTW

Photo by Katie Rose.

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