Bad Apes: Notes Towards a Mental Breakdown – album review

Bad Apes: Notes Towards a Mental Breakdown
Out: Now

Noisy West Midlands Trio let loose on their new EP.

Bad Apes are a group of young men from the West Midlands comprising of Richard Banks, Joe Ondrak and Jordan Johnson. Aside from that, very little is known about them. They seem to be allowing their music to speak for them, a rare attribute these days and it’s certainly fortunate for all involved that the music which they make is more than capable of doing so.

Notes Towards a Mental Breakdown is the band’s latest EP and takes its name from ‘The Atrocity Exhibition’ by ‘Crash’ author J.G. Ballard. It begins as a droning, lo fi drawl, which ascends into haunting riffs and powerfully dense atmospheric soundscapes. The lyrics appear only when necessary and the energy which the frontman (Ondrak) uses sparingly and to great effect. The music itself is reminiscent of early Horrors, My Bloody Valentine and (on occasion) Joy Division.

Definitely a band worth keeping an eye on, this EP shows a great deal of potential, and it’ll be marvelous to watch these guys venture towards more widespread recognition.

Get over to their Facebook to say ‘Hi’, or alternatively, you’ll find them on Twitter. You can take a listen to the EP below and, if you like what you hear, it can be purchased from the Bad Apes Bandcamp

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