Back in the garage! Inspiral Carpets reform with original singer Stephen Holt

The Inspiral Carpets have reformed with their original singer and founder member Stephen Holt.

The return of the original Inspiral Carpets

classic gigs! The return of the original Inspiral Carpets

Stephen was the singer with the band in their pre pop years when they were a psychedelic garage band whose bubble light show illuminated gigs were a real highlight in late eighties Manchester where I reviewed them several times for the sadly defunct Sounds music paper.

The reformed band are to go back to that initial garagey sound and rework some of their big hits in their original style and there is even talk of getting that light show back again and for them to to do the 24 minute version of the Velvet Undergound’s ‘What Goes On’.

When you hear the original Inspiral Carpets you understand better their placing in the Roses/Mondays lineage as part of the big three of baggy. This was a time of a tripped out Manchester Underground which the band were a key part of. Noel Gallagher was a big fan and it was the famous audition that he went to on the night of the Lockerbie disaster to sing in the band after Holt left.

The job eventually went to Tom Hingley who was key in the band’s pop crossover and is now concentrating with his solo career.

The band are planning a tour now and there will be an exclusive interview on Louder Than War in the next couple of weeks.


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