The Illusions – City Of People

“my hairs too long, my heel’s too high, if they want to laugh and stare, go ahead coz I don’t care” Bugger Blake and Rimbaud, this is literature.

I know very little about these guys. They were a four piece from St Clair Shores in Michigan, this 45 was released in 1966 on a label called Michelle and one of the band members was Thom Strasz – he wrote both sides! That’s it. I know no more. There are a slew of combos called The Illusions, but these thugs only did this one release.

So listen to this blast of youthful fury, because no other information is important. It’s basic, it’s primitive, it has power, they can’t afford a fuzz pedal, the singer has an abrassive and admirable attitude as indeed does the whole band, and it’s perfection in under three minutes – violence you can dance to. It’s pound and burn rock’n’roll, it doesn’t get any better. If you don’t like this, please don’t read any more of these missives as you’re wasting your time. instead, go off and listen to Mumford And Sons and get yourself a life!



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