Top 10 post punk era bands who never get the credit
Top 10 post punk era bands who never get the credit

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Another great long lost sixties garage classic brought to you by Nick Brown

It’s time for the Seasonal Stomp! Not so much ‘In The Garage’ as ‘On The Garage’

Recognise the tune? Then sing….

Hey, (hey) you, (you) get off my roof Hey, (hey) you, (you) Get Off My Roof
Hey, (hey) you, (you) Get Off My Roof If you don’t stop, boy, I’ll call a cop.
Off my roof, buddy.

(verse 2)
My house was shakin’ so bad I fell right outa bed on the floor.
I jumped right up, grabbed my coat and hat and I ran out the door.
It was icy cold, the snow was two feet deep. I know I shoulda brought my boots.
Then I looked up on the roof and I saw a fat old man in a crazy red suit. I said,


(verse 3)
Down the chimney he came with a bound as I was peekin’ through the door.
Then he opened up his bag and started dumpin’ presents all over the floor.
He didn’t say a word, just turned, put his finger at the side of his nose,
Before I had a chance to stop him, up the chimney he rose. I said,

(last chorus)

Hey, (hey) you, (you) Get Off My Roof. Hey, (hey) you, (you) Get Off My Roof
And I heard him say, as he rode away, I’m havin’ a ball. Merry Christmas to all.

From the late 50s onwards, it wasn’t unusual for local and syndicated US DJs to have vanity records released. It helped stroke their egos, earn a few extra sheckles, and oh, of course, they’d play other records released by the same label on their shows. All very convenient, all above board and all very rubbish – well…….. nearly all rubbish.
This pounding slice of Teen Exploitation was cut by Conneticut DJ Jerry Worsham backed by some faceless Stones wannabe no-hopers of whom, the story goes, Jerry The Chancer never met. Released to a humourless public on PPX Records out of New York in 1965, Yule Beat never took off as a musical genre! Luckily, he didn’t release anything else.
E. Rodney Jones – from Chicago – and Mad Mike & The Maniacs – from Pittsburgh – are two other DJs who released some amazing records, check them out, but avoid like the plague the Jimmy Tarbuck 45 produced and released by Andrew Loog Oldham

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  1. Thanks for the track, you helped me out in finding this track for a compilation. Check out the back sleeve, you might find something interesting.



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