Babylons Burning- Al Hillier on the riots
Babylons Burning- Al Hillier on the riots

Babylons Burning- Al Hillier on the riots

“As I write this, the situation looks grim and is far from over and who knows what lay ahead in the next few days in the run up to the weekend”

Babylons Burning- Al Hillier on the riots
Babylons Burning- Al Hillier on the riots

This morning, London looks like it has had a nocturnal visit from the Luftwaffe.

I’ve heard most of the arguments regarding the cause of these riots and share the anger of other Londoners (and those nationwide) who simply see these violent little fuckers as opportunistic scum, and indeed I share that view at this moment in time because I’m angry too. That is an instinctive reaction, which simply and quickly goes way above the deeper implications and I understand that. Try telling someone who has just been burnt out of their house, been mugged, raped, beaten, terrorised in their own home or had their shop burned, or car windscreen staved in as they drove through leafy Enfield Town (or elsewhere) that ”Ëœthe politicians’ are to blame. At that moment they, quite rightly, do not give a flying fuck and I’m with them on that one.

As I write this, the situation looks grim and is far from over and who knows what lay ahead in the next few days in the run up to the weekend. I sincerely hope that there are no ”Ëœreprisals’ by those who may have other agenda’s and axe’s to grind and inflame an already insane situation with other political motivation.

My anger and that of those who have experienced and witnessed this is also overwhelmed with the reality that we have allowed this situation to be created by another group of scum who have pillaged, ignored, lied to, exploited and manipulated the people of this country for countless decades, they are no better. There are many people out there who are shaking their heads mouthing the words “I told you so” because there are many, including me that simply knew that this was always going to happen, the only people who never listened are the ones who could and should have done something about it a long time ago.

A, long, long, succession of duplicitous, slovenly, greedy, lazy, dishonest and short sighted manipulative politicians who have failed to address the potential of urban deprivation and the staggeringly inappropriate demographics that exist all over this country are responsible for this chaos and they fucking know it.
The crazed violent, dangerous little fuckwit scum who perpetrated this are the creation of a privileged minority of our society who ”Ëœneed’ to sustain an underclass to maintain a system that ruthlessly manipulates us all. The rioters and the politicians are two sides of the same coin who are, at this present moment in time simply playing the system or taking advantage of the circumstances that currently prevail and collectively (Albeit perhaps not generally perceived as so) demonstrating that they are all out for what they can get.’Similar’.I think so

The Machiavellian, class driven political thought process that has brought this country to the brink of Anarchy’ has now had its day, they have been and continue to be exposed for what they really are and everyone that I talk to has had enough.
Career politicians who are systematically absorbed into this archaic system are quickly crushed and whipped into line, toeing the party line, however altruistic they might have set out to be, this is swiftly established and renders them useless and just another bloated stinking rotten cog and part of the problem has been added. Others, who lose their seats (Like Peter Mandleson was), are cynically ”Ëœparachuted’ into constituencies and purport to ”Ëœrepresent’ communities that they know nothing about and care even less for and those that follow will do the same.

The arrogance of our political system and the deeply underhanded, deceitful political class that preside over it are spending billions on imposing ”Ëœdemocracy’ and waging war in various places in the world while imposing draconian sanctions on a nation that cannot find any more logic to understand ”ËœWhy’.

The vast percentage of youngsters that I know including my own, feel completely disenfranchised in just about every way. The future looks grim and indeed it is grim. The council housing market is non existent and is totally out of reach of most people. Private landlords in big cities are out of control and work cynically hand in hand with local authorities to hike up the prices of available accommodation in the private sector and the notion that an 18 or 20 year old will be able to begin a life of their own is daunting and bleak and virtually impossible under normal circumstances.

Legendary local council estates in my vicinity like Stonebridge and Graham Park (At one time the largest council estate in the world) are dangerous and notorious places and although there have been some reduction in the size of these places (Which had an instant effect on crime statistics in the area in a positive way) and should have been demolished years ago. It’s a simple fact that people piled on top of each other in the 1000’s creates a climate of despair and I believe that every new politician should be made to live on one for at least three months and then they will find out. Of course, this is not ”Ëœnews’ most ”Ëœsocial’ commentators have been banging on about this for decades and the powers that be have known it for decades and have done little to eradicate the conditions that create a climate of fear, crime, drugs, robbery and murder and ultimately riot and civil disorder and it doesn’t matter to me ”ËœWhy’ when all I know is that it does and if it does then it must be eradicated.

As a population we have allowed these things to happen, we have become inactive in the processes that can stop the creation of ”Ëœghettos’ and we have become soft on those that we elect. As I have said, we waste Billions of pounds, literally Billions and now perhaps it is the time to get tough, tough on those that want to destroy our society and tough on those that that are allegedly entrusted to negotiate our best interests with our money and start a new thought process that sees our country rebuild with the best interests of it’s people at the very root of it, and that my friends has been as far from the truth for the whole of my lifetime.

The implications of these riots, now spreading nationwide are not as complex as we might imagine. Jacques Fresco has been banging on about the ultimate reaction to ”Ëœenvironment’ for over seventy five years and you could do worse than check out just what he has been saying. Fresco learned as a child that life is not fair, his experience of the great depression in the USA in the 30’s helped shape a brilliant mind that saw a future where the ”Ëœfew’ would preside over the ”Ëœmany’ and the privileged would maintain a campaign of subjugation over the poor and the poor would ultimately fight back as a natural instinct. He uses the word ”ËœEnvironment’ to describe the conditions that we live in that effect the way that we behave and there’s no doubt in my mind that he is right. But is that the whole story?”¦.I don’t think so. Whether we like it or not, we have been ”Ëœconditioned’ into thinking in the way that we do. We are outraged and quite rightly we want reparations and revenge and right now the enemy are out on the streets and we all feel significantly defenceless against a determined and criminal mob who have realised that they can do exactly what they want when they want to”¦But having said that”¦”¦”¦..That’s exactly what our elected leaders have been doing with the same notion that they can simply get away with it”¦”¦”¦..Times up !!!!!.

I can only speak for my own town, London, but what I witnessed over the last couple of nights has been devastating but I believe that it has been coming for many years. I make no apology for these deranged little fuckers whatsoever and if one of them was about to smash up my motor or rape my daughters then there would be a fight to the death. No contradiction, they must be dealt with. We need to fight back wherever that is possible, but we also need to take on the system that we have created, that does not, and never has, served the people of this country in the way that it must.

In recent years the Politicians in the UK have, for one reason or another, been finally exposed. Since the freedom of information act was introduced (An act that they voted to introduce whilst also voting for an amendment that excluded them from its implications, only overturned by the Lords) and then the shit hit the proverbial fan, the ramifications of which may only be beginning. Since the introduction of that act their motivations have been explored in greater detail, immoral and in some instances illegal financial gymnastics uncovered ,spectacular greed and inappropriate media interfaces there for all to see.Quango’s and shady sub committees sneer at our stupidity as they debate how they can ”Ëœdeliver’ their public images and ignore the fact that we have created sections of our society’ for whatever reason’ that are capable of and determined to destroy it, they have certainly ”Ëœfiddled’ in every sense of the word and now

Rome is burning

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