Babybird 2102
feathered friend- Babybird live in manchester 2012: photo Alex Statszko

Manchester Band On The Wall
Jan 27th 2012

Babybird 2102
feathered friend- Babybird live in manchester 2012: photo Alex Statszko







Band On The Wall on a Friday night is one of those venues that turns into a club night after the gig, so unfortunately when I arrive at a reasonable 8pm I miss the support band and almost miss Babybird. Since when are main bands scheduled to go on at 8pm?


It’s been a few years since I’ve seen Babybird, and Steven Jones (for it is his solo project) doesn’t disappoint, his voice is as strong and tuneful as it ever was and the new songs are as beautiful and clever as anything he’s ever written before.


Tonight’s gig is one of the first in support of his latest album, “The Pleasures Of Self Destruction”. The backing band consists of original Babybird guitarist  Luke Scott with an additional guitarist, bassist and drummer.


Back in the day when he played gigs Jones could often be nasty and sarcastic to his audience, making Badly Drawn Boy look like an angel. Tonight however he is very sarcastic, and very very funny, and often libellous. I don’t think I can ever think of Robbie Williams the same again! He also manages to lambast, in a friendly way, one of his twitter followers.

Highlights of the set include the singles ”Corner Shop” &“Goodnight”, the latter of which gets the crowd singing along. They seem slightly under rehearsed on occasion, but nobody seems to care, it takes them 3 attempts to get the intro to “Back Together” correct, because he can’t hear himself sing. But when they do its magnificent, and the crowd have a laugh about it. “Bad Old Man”, the set closer is as dark and scary as it always was, then it’s left to a 3 song encore to send the crowd away happy.


Unfortunately a lot of people missed a great gig tonight, and he didn’t even have to do “You’re Gorgeous”, more people cheered than jeered when he announced he wasn’t doing it!


If you get chance, get to see him, the tour continues for another week or so, & the album “The Pleasures Of Self Destruction” is out now.






Black flowers

The life

Can’t love you anymore

Like them

First suicide club

Out of sight




I love her

Back together


Bad old man

Send me back my dreams

If you’ll be mine


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