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Glasgow Punk superstars Baby Strange release Viewpoint, their latest hard hitting single which puts a spotlight on how the deprived areas in Glasgow remain underfunded and forgotten.

Baby Strange have gone back to their roots playing small venues across Scotland and selected dates in England. With two sold-out shows in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and near full houses in many other locations, it is safe to say they remain at the top of their game. Neither have the band lost any of their bite, continuing to spit venom at the accepted status quo. Following the excellent Job In The City, Viewpoint has been released as a streamed track on Spotify, coinciding with the tour.

To take a direct quote from the band’s Facebook page, here is what Johnny Madden had to say about Viewpoint:

‘A song about growing up in Springburn.
Living at the highest point in Glasgow can sometimes make you feel so low. I learned to embrace it.’

This succinct description gives the ethos behind Viewpoint. Growing up in council estate culture can drain you, but here it has spat forth a fine tune. Sharp, sparse and hard-hitting, Viewpoint is moody and dangerous. Madden’s voice has deepened, adding necessary force to the vocal delivery. The dissatisfaction about how the government does nothing to improve these areas is obvious and laudable. The imagery of crunching through discarded hypodermics is potent and the music never fails to drive the message home with suitably blunt guitars and the usual excellent rhythm base provided by the McCann brothers.

If the recent singles are anything to go by, Baby Strange are unlikely to fall foul of the curse of the second album. The material remains extremely strong and live they remain top notch.  Catch Viewpoint, then go out and catch the band.


Find out more about Baby Strange on Facebook and Instagram. They tweet as @BABYSTRANGEX.

 Tour Dates
17.07.19 – Jimmy’s, Manchester
18.07.19 – The Jacaranda, Liverpool
19.07.19 – The Ferret, Preston
They also play three dates in Glasgow at the SWG3 Poetry Club at the end of July/ beginning of August. 31.07.1 and 01.08.19 are sold out, but they have added a date on 02.08.19.

All words by Roxy Gillespie. More writing on Louder Than War can be found at her author’s archive. She Tweets as @RoxyG100.

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