Baby Queen 4 - Electric Ballroom, LDN 27/04/22

Baby Queen | Kayla Grace | Phoebe Green
Electric Ballroom, London
27 April 2022

Baby Queen put on an outstanding performance on the last date of her debut UK tour, taking the audience along an unforgettable journey.

After seeing adverts of Baby Queen’s music on my Instagram, I finally have the pleasure of being at one of her live shows. A lot of people are already queuing outside Electric Ballroom, and as soon as the doors open they are ready to run and grab the best spot in the front row. It’s great to see so many people gathering together again to enjoy live music.

The opening act of the evening is Watford-based pop singer/songwriter Kayla Grace. A new artist to me, when she comes out she makes her mark with dark, enchanting and quicky music. Her songs are catchy and everyone can relate to them, especially the younger generation. Sweet and funny, Grace narrates the meaning behind all of her songs to us. A favourite of mine is Realign as it talks about her sister who suffers from special needs and what happened when she was 16. The crowd is enjoying her a lot, and I would keep an eye out for when her debut EP comes out.

Kayla Grace 5 - Electric Ballroom, LDN 27/04/22

Tonight is my lucky night as we are treated to another support act, Phoebe Green from Manchester. Green and her band take the stage by storm, with her energy and vibrantly pleasing aesthetic. Her songs are hypnotic yet bittersweet with lyrics that hide no secrets. I’m enjoying the performance and it’s impossible not to start tapping my feet at the rhythm of those indie melodies that are part of Green’s world. Since landing on the scene, Green has become one to watch as I am sure she will keep surprising us with her raw talent.

Phoebe Green 2 - Electric Ballroom, LDN 27/04/22

No rest for the wicked. and after the Baby Kingdom intro, Baby Queen is literally jumping out onto the stage with the crowd screaming at the top of their lungs. Born and raised in Durban, South Africa, Arabella Latham, known professionally as Baby Queen, moved to London when she was only 18 to pursue a music career and managed to sign a record deal with Polydor in 2020. Her set starts with the debut single Internet Religion, which takes a critical view of Gen Z attitudes towards online personas.

Baby Queen: Electric Ballroom, London – live review Queen’s grunge-pop music tracks issues like internet addiction and mental health, but with a satirical twist. She might have launched her career during the lockdown, but the connection that she has with her fans live is incredible and very palpable. Midway through Raw Thoughts, Queen jumps off stage to dive into the crowd and you can feel the floor of the Electric Ballroom vibrating to the beat of sound. Between songs, she loves to chat to the crowd, like she is chatting with a bunch of her mates, and this creates a somewhat intimate atmosphere in the crowded and sweaty Electric Ballroom. The closing song of the night, Want Me, starts up and the fans are delirious, trying to taste the last moments of this incredible night.

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Baby Queen has a few more UK and Ireland dates, playing at festivals, before her dates in France and Italy.

Liverpool – 01 May
Dublin – 09 May
Dublin – 10 May
Brighton – 11 May

Tickets still available here and here

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This is Selena’s first post for Louder Than War.

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