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Tuesday 8th July.

After a few years scaring the populace and making great strides across the UK’s venues and festival circuits alike, Nottingham’s mighty ‘Baby Godzilla’ have come to the attention of the Japanese giant ‘Toho Inc’.

Toho Inc. owns the trademark ‘Godzilla’, a character that’s as much owned by Toho Inc. as ‘Mickey Mouse’ is by the Disney corporation.

Toho are also equally as litigious as Disney. Baby Godzilla have become a victim of their ever-growing reputation, and have been forced to change their name.

So, Baby Godzilla is Dead. Long Live Heck.

With the name change comes a shiny new website, an album that is planned for Autumn, and the band have plenty of festival gigs afoot.

One thing that is for sure, Heck may no longer have the destructive nature of a Godzilla in their band name, but sonically and viscerally they sure as hell won’t be any tamer.

You can find the Heck online here: abandcalledheck.com. They’re also on Facebook, and they tweet as @abandcalledHECK.


All words by Christopher Lloyd. More writing by Christopher on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive.




  1. Hello,
    We had a band in the 90’s called ‘Heck’ and released 2 singles on independent label piao!
    Are they going change their name again?


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