New Band of the Day – Ava Luna

We can’t seem to settle on which genre Ava Luna are best described as – indie, arthouse, pop? Whichever one fits best we know we like their inventive and layered sound.

Ava Luna is a band that emphasizes genre shortcomings. For some reason, I’ve been thinking about them in terms of retail arrangements. If I was to walk into a record store scouting any one of the bands’ discs, I’d have no idea where to begin my search. Are they arthouse rock/gospel, soulful new wave or alternative pop?

Truly, it’s hard to name the category that would compliment Ava Luna the most. Blending soul, post-punk, garage rock and more, the band’s sound is distinctive from any other group playing the indie circuit. This is something I find refreshing, regardless of my inability to label their sound with a handful of adjectives.

Instead of the futile attempt at categorization, I should say that Ava Luna’s music is wildly inventive, and as beautiful as it is unusual.

This week, the band released a brand new song in conjunction with the Shaking Through web series called “Water Duct.” Somewhere within the chaos of this song’s shifty structure – in addition to the cacophony of sporadic vocal tracks – is a gorgeous piece that meshes hip, indie rock with the soft fervor of a church choir. Despite its ebb-and-flow of pace and quick transitions, “Water Duct” somehow translates as therapeutic, delicate and, quite frankly, beautiful.

Shaking Through: Ava Luna from Weathervane Music on Vimeo.

Ava Luna might be from outer space. Or, perhaps they traveled to the present day from the future, loaded with an prerogative to give bored audiophiles a taste of a different era. I kid of course, but one thing’s for sure – Ava Luna’s fearless blending of the most unsuspecting genres creates something that is holistic, relevant, and self-understood.

In a time when so many bands sound like so many other bands, it’s refreshing to hear a group that pushes boundaries. Ava Luna takes the transcendental and marries it with an eccentric brand of pop, all of which makes for great listening.

All words by Maren McGlashan. You can read more from Maren on LTW here.

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Maren lives on the East Coast of the United States. She is a film student with an interest in sound design, with dreams of becoming a Foley artist. Maren is into vintage punk rock, edgy fashion and DIY culture. She hasn\'t made the transition from CD to mp3, and has a killer LP collection. We\'re still waiting for her to enter the 21st century...


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