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With Autogramm’s second album, No Rules, already on the shelves, Louder Than War bring you the video premiere of their new single, I Am A Situation, which delves into a world of frustration, lack of direction and self-doubt.

Autogramm, the North American bastions of all things synth-pop released their second album, No Rules, on 16 April 2021 backed with a clear aspiration of having no boundaries and a desire to build bridges rather than walls. With a punk-infused attitude and no lack of humour, the album was a perfect tonic for us all to start putting our inhibitions to one side as the world at large starts to open up again after being constrained for so long.

I Am A Situation is the latest single to be released from this album with the accompanying video shot in Berlin. As a song driven along by a hypnotic synth-based rhythm overlaid in parts with multi-layered cinematic soundscapes, it was conceived right at the beginning of the pandemic exploring a sense of frustration wrapped up in self-doubt and a lack of direction, something which I could certainly relate to at that particular time.

With a narrative very much centred around the question “have I lost my grip on the world around me?”, it’s a reflective piece which seems to encourage a re-evaluation of our lives when all may not be as it seems. As drummer The Silo explains “I was thinking about how a person’s life can appear from the outside to be so settled, ideal, in the right place, while on the inside they may be struggling, drifting, gone awry”. And with lockdown giving rise to so much loneliness and isolation, this situation has perhaps been more prevalent than ever before over the past year or so.

The video was created by Berlin film maker and artist Dana Tucker centred around a day in the life of actress Kim Kraczon in mid-pandemic Berlin. Whilst the virus put paid to the original concept of various friends around the globe contributing to the filming, the Kraftwerk inspired soundtrack, black and white imagery and solitary feel of the subject seem to reflect the sentiment of the song perfectly.

You can buy the album No Rules here.

You can find Autogramm on Facebook, TwitterBandcamp and their website.

All words by Ian Corbridge. You can find more of his writing at his author profile.

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