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Aurovine have taken all the best features of online music delivery and improved on them. They claim to give the control and power back to the bands and fans.

With Spotify and the numerous streaming services the hidden agenda is for the the music industry (major labels) to take back financial control at the expense of artists.

Independent artists are just collateral in this overarching plan.

It is obvious that this is happening. Spotify will not release any financial information (see article here).

Of the 3 remaining major labels we will see UMG and SONY in bed with Spotify and WMG in bed with Deezer. Access Music the parent company of WMG recently invested �100 million in Deezer and WMG/Sony own at least 13% of Spotify. Aurovine see these investments growing as it is a badly kept secret that Spotify are seeking $200 million financing due to raking up $57 million annual losses. The majors are waiting to pounce!

There couldn’t be any worse situation for artists right now than being signed to a major label.

Artists need to wake up, detach themselves from Spotify and start supporting the direct band to fan sites like Aurovine.

Bands need to be on Aurovine because they claim to…

We give a whopping 86% royalty to our artists.
We are none exclusive (They can still sell their music elsewhere).
We are transparent (Earnings are paid directly into artists account at time of sale).
We are label friendly – so no problem if you’re already signed. Labels can register as well.
We provide free marketing tools, radio play and showcase opportunities
Artists can sell physical items such as CD’s and Vinyl on Aurovine.
We provide high quality wav and FLAC files as well as 320kbps Mp3’s
In Q4 2012 we will introduce worldwide physical and digital distribution across the major online retailers. (We will only work with distribution and sales channels offering over 60% royalties to artists)

Over 400 artists, 5 labels and 2000 tracks are now placed with Aurovine. Aurovine is the future of music distribution.

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