Attila The Stockbroker : interview with punk legend

Attila The Stockbroker has been with us for decades agitating and entertaining. His wit and running social commentary are part and parcel of the live circuit as he packs in an endless trail of gigs. he also promotes the fab Glastonwick festival at the end of every May.

‘I’m more angry now than I was thirty years ago.  There’s a lot more to get angry about.’

As a northern poet more closely aligned with the colour red than blue, you’ll forgive me if I was a little bit excited to meet the social surrealist rebel poet and songwriter, Attila the Stockbroker – aka John Baine – on Sunday at the Pump and Truncheon.  He was in town to perform his poetry at the hugely popular punk festival,Rebellion.  We had planned to meet on the Friday but John decided there was no point in us meeting up until he’d found a place to get a decent pint of beer.  Quite so.  My first question to him related to his title.

Read the rest of the interview here

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