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There have been all manner of rumours and counter rumours all over the internet in that past few days about the upcoming planned ATP festival in Prestatyn. The news that it may have ben cancelled caused much disappointment and anger with trains and planes paid for.

An interview with the festival curator Stewart Lee yesterday looked like the final death knell on the event with Stewart underlining his surprise that the whole thing had been pulled and his sadness that an event he was looking forward to having chosen many of the bands was no more.

But today it seems like the whole thing could be back on again with the latest comment from the organisers.

“You have no doubt seen the online activity to indicate that the ATP in April is not going ahead. This is not the case. The event is going ahead as scheduled. This mail is just to confirm we have rectified the issue with Pontin’s and they making a statement tomorrow the event is still happening.”

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