14 inches of fistAtomic Suplex ‘Fourteen Inches of Fist’ (Dirty Water Records)

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Released: 11th May 2015

Finally, the latest record from London’s finest purveyors of scuzzed out filthy garage has landed, packing in, as the title goes, fourteen blistering tracks of scorching bar-room brawl riot rock n roll.

Kicking it off with One Man Party, from the start it’s clear that Atomic Suplex are not a band that deal with subtleties and shades of light and dark. “When I say I’m a dick, you best believe I’m a dick! D – I – K.” proclaims Suplex to open half an hour of screeching primeval trash punk. This is a band focusing solely on the darkness, with twisted riffs and guttural vocals grabbing you by the ears and pounding you into submission. Every song rockets by at breakneck speed, leaving you in a state of electrified shock, neck twisted, head pounding, and body broken.

The guitars wail throughout, aligning themselves firmly with the likes of Electric Eel Shock and Guitar Wolf, while elsewhere they conjure up images of a drunken Jim Jones Revue bashing out a basement bar boogie jam as inebriated revellers roll and rollick in a beer-soaked moshpit. Touches of sax add to the sonic mayhem as their motorcycle-helmeted leader conducts electrifying doses of adrenalin directly to the base of your brain. There’s no room for cerebral thought.

Straight to the point, sarcastic, sardonic and full of energy, Fourteen Inches of Fist perfectly encapsulates Atomic Suplex’s riotous live shows. It’s the sound of an early-Stripes Jack White being dragged kicking and screaming through a nightmarish vision of MC5 on speed, left bloodied and beaten by the side of the road, surrounded by an orgy of devilish worshipers of hell-bound garage rock n roll. Not one for the faint of heart!


1. One Man Party
2. 14 Inches of Fist
3. Set It On Fire
4. Wild Love
5. Firing Line
6. S.U.P.L.E.X.
7. Two Girls
8. J.D. Attack
9. Ass Technica
10. No Pain No Gain
11. You’ve Got Some Nerve
12. Pancho
13. Chicken Rich
14. White Shoes

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