At The Drive-In to reform for Russian gig…

The reformation has now been confirmed check this link

In autumn 2011 it was widely reported that El Paso based At the Drive-In were to reunite at ”ËœThe Fest’ which was held in Detroit, Michigan ”“ however the rumour turned out to be a hoax.

Maybe things are going to be different this time as news is reaching us that NCA ”“ a Russian concert agency ”“ is booking at least one reunion show for the band in Russia; but no date or location has yet been revealed.

While the reunion hasn’t been officially confirmed or denied by the band, NCA is also asking fans to vote for an ATDI reunion show at this location by clicking +1 (you’ll have to register before you vote, oh and the sites all in Russian!).
The bands own website is currently showing as ‘undergoing maintenance’, whilst their label Fearless Records are not giving any clues either way.

At the Drive-In split up in 2001, shortly after the release of their iconic album Relationship of Command, which was released the previous year ”“ the reason for the split is understood to have been ”Ëœpersonal issues’ though the various band members have also been embroiled in resolving ”Ëœfinancial matters’ The possibility of reunion has be widely spoken about;

During an interview with Drowned in Sound in June 2009, Bixler-Zavala stated that he has been in discussions with the band’s former members and suggested that they could get back together after they sort their financial business out. He added, “I wouldn’t mind it. It might happen; we just have to iron out a lot of personal things. A lot of it we’ve dealt with already and I’ve apologized for a lot of things I’ve said and the way it ended… we’ll see what happens.”

In direct, response to Bixler-Zavala’s Drowned in Sound comments, guitarist Jim Ward quickly threw water on the rumors of a reunion by telling Buzzgrinder, “I don’t think that I’ll be answering any questions or doing any interviews anymore, thank you very much. I haven’t got much to say about anything except with songs which I will continue to make and release ”” cheers”¦ -jimward.”

Whether the reformation will actually happen is anyone’s guess, if it did – playing a single date in Russia seems somewhat odd, none of the bands releases were ever officially released in the country, and a single date that far from home would be a costly venture; surely they would look to tour Europe at he same time”¦

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