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YOUTH QUAKE PT1 (GRETA SPEAKS) is Greta Thunbergs speech set to Asian Dub Foundations track for Extinction Rebellion

 cInspired by the actions  of Extinction Rebellion  Asian Dub Foundation are calling all musicians, DJs, climate change activists and like minded souls to get involved and spread the word about the planets emergency using music as our weapon.


“Weve put some music behind Greta Thunbergs U.N. speech in support of Extinction Rebellion and the urgent struggle for Climate Justice. Recently she has been the subject of a lot of fawning patronisation by the chattering classes as well as some vicious , often personal attacks from the usual right-wing stooges . We hope that the tone of this track helps to maintain the core of her message in all its uncompromising clarity and militancy. Words and music together can be a powerful weapon in the fight to save our planet; lets use them.” – Asian Dub Foundation


YOUTH QUAKE PT1 (GRETA SPEAKS) is available to download and share for free here:


You can also create your own track with Gretas speach, download it here:


The music is the message.


London Records recently reissued Asian Dub Foundation’s revolutionary studio album Rafi’s Revenge.


Rafi’s Revengeis available on 2CDs and double white vinyl. The  2CD edition features the original 12 songs,plus a second CD titled ‘Under The Influence (Adrian Sherwoods Selection Of Rare, Unheard & Mastered Tracks)’.


To purchase and stream go to: Rafi’s Revenge:


Asian Dub Foundation UK tour dates

17 May                       Bristol                        Trinity Centre

1 June                        Wakefield                 Long Division Festival

20 July                       Stirling                       Doune The Rabbit Hole Festival

9 August                    Winchester               Boomtown Fair Festival




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