Artist Declares War On Digital Distributor…Aimee Mann sues MediaNetWar has been declared on digital distributors and their alleged lack of royalties.

Noticing that MediaNet were not paying the full royalty Aimme Mann has decided to pursue legal action against the company believing she could have lost as much as 18 million dollars to the company.

MediaNet provide for Yahoo Music, MTV, HMV and many others and it has been alleged but not proven that not all of the music they sell to their clients are properly licensed on their end, allowing for – it is claimed – 22 million songs to be used without the relevant artist getting paid any percentage.

Mann herself feels that she’s lost out money on 120 tracks that MediaNet claim to own rights to, which could total to as much as $18 million in damages and loss of earnings.

According to Billboard, the singer is pursuing legal action against the company to stop a culture of “willful copyright infringement”.

This yet again throws up the debate over who actually owns the content and should the arist get paid what they feel is their worth..this one is going to run and run!

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