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Arrows Of Love

Manchester Aatma

Dec 2017

Live Review

Photo : Maria Cosgrove


It’s not often you see a behemoth band like this nowadays.

Arrows OfLove are a thrilling and filthy noise like a 21st century take on that post No Wave New York scene that birthed Swans, Of Cabbages and Kings and similar sonic filth hounds when the big apple was the bad apple – a dangerous and enthralling schizoid city with a soundtrack to match.

Arrows Of Love make that big noise – they have three guitars and a juggernaut bass and a boy/girl line up that executes it perfectly. There are thunderous rhythms, crashing guitars and avalanche bass underlining the emotional skree with a dark energy that is totally engrossing.

Tapping into those weird jazz timings, counterpoint guitars and wild eyed beat poetry delivered with a swivel eyed intensity from their charismatic frontman who stalks the stage and the audience like aman possessed with he haigh decibel. In all all that noise, though, there are moments of great beauty and salvation from the confusion that make this a wild and thrilling gig.

Arrows Of Love are  doing he right things and making the filthy dangerous noise. It can only be a matter of time before they get the love they so desperately and perfectly need with their high decibel art shock.


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