Argentina’s last great rock n roll band The Otherness add more UK dates!

trust a foxBand photo : Nidge Lugh Sanders.
Argentina is a country where people really believe invoke n roll.
Watching The Otherness live you can see this – the are on the tightrope between The Beatles in Hamburg and the Ramones first album – that purity of vision and they are damned good at it.
The Otherness are touring UK with a fantastic feedback from the young rock and roll, pop and soul British audiences all over the country.
The band have already played London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Plymouth and is looking forward to play Southampton, Leeds, Blackburn, Chester and Glasgow during the last days of January and during February.
In the meantime, The Otherness are doing an interview for BBC Lancashire on Feb 16th before playing Sir Charles Napier in Blackburn and BBC Radio 6 is also playing new songs from the band before 229’s gig on Feb 3rd in London.
They are also running a rock soul pop event at The Dolphin in Hackney called “RIP IT Party”, every Thursday of February and mid March. They will play live and DJ their favourite music all night long.


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