ramonesthe Ramones are like waiting for a bus you wait all day for one and four turn up

All the times you read about all manner of diets. A detox is recommended for all the fats and the poisons consumed in day to day life, the artery clogging badness of surviving. Strip back to basics, lose the lard of everyday life and feel fresh and invigorated and this is where The Ramones come in.

Are you tired of music, does it get you down, does it sometimes sound far to flabby and pointless? Does the artery clogging badness of music get you down and make you feel listless and dull? Did you watch the Brit Awards or X Factor and feel that you have indulged yourself too much in a bland listless diet of auto tuned pop? Have Coldplay made you wonder whatever happened to the word indie? Are you left gasping for breath when people talk about alternative and then you hear the same overly complex yet dull diet of overblown emptiness? 
Then we recommend the Ramones diet.
1, 2, 3, 4 and away you go. Music stripped down to its basic building blocks but retaining all the necessary genius. You can say everything you want with three chords and in ninety seconds without all the pointless added extras – the bruddas are music at its most primal and genius and they will detoxify your soul and clear your system of the pointless junk of modern culture.



  1. I fully endorse this as a way to get back to the pure essence of what music means. If the whole world rocked out to the Ramones, what a wonderful place it would be.

    Love and peace to you all.

  2. this is so true…when you think back to the bloated excess of zep,yes and floyd and then look at the chilli peppers playing 3 gigs in england and ireland it is all turning full circle again and people who save up for one of these gigs might not even get within 200 yards of the band….i am not blaming the band but their record company who want to boost profit at the cost of fans…it only takes us in our band a half hour a most to write a song which presses all the buttons…fast,loud and lyrics which either point out inequalities or say lets party….rock n roll is about having fun but when it starts becoming a bloated industry then we need anuther pistols style revolution to take it back for those who matter..THE BANDS AND THE FANS…GOD BLESS THE SEX PISTOLS….


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