Are the Stone Roses keeping the Heaton Park support bill under wraps until the gig?

One of the most heated questions this year has ben who is on the bill for the Stone Roses at Heaton Park.
Although we know the bill here we have been sworn to secrecy with the announcement apparently going to be made on the band’s Facebook page before the gig.
What is beginning to look more apparent is that the Roses could be trying to pull of an audacious sense of suspense in the age of Twitter- they could well be trying to keep the bill secret all the way up to the gig itself.
It’s sort of like the way Glastonbury doesn’t announce the headline band until the last moment, it would be Interesting to be at the gig and the bands just appear onstage unannounced, it would kind of add to the thrill of the event. A move like this would be very Stone Roses, that sense of tension and giving nothing away. 
Afterall they did manage to reform last year without anyone knowing and kept it off Twitter until The last minute.
In these modem times here is very little mystery left so frustrating as this situation is for fans it also, maybe, adds to the mystique of the occasion.

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  1. I’d like them to reveal the bill so that I know how early to get there depending on who the support is. I guess that’s a good reason for them to not announce it though. I do know one of the acts as I “know someone who know someone” but it’s not a surprising choice.

    It would be good to retain mystery in this age of no surprises though.

  2. Some of us in the States already know who’s on the bill, so, no it’s not much of a secret anymore. News started spreading a week or two ago 1/4th the way around the world.

  3. So
    friday 29th Vaccinnes
    Saturday 30th Charlatans
    Sunday 31st Beady eye

    Also thow in the Wailers and the dirty North I am pretty close hey……


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