Are Iron Maiden right to call Glastonbury ‘too middle class…’


Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickenson is back in the news again after calling Glastonbury ‘too middle class’. maybe he was miffed after Metallica got the token rock band slot, maybe he feels this…

“In the days when Glasto was an alternative festival it was quite interesting.
“Now it’s the most bourgeois thing on the planet. Anywhere Gwyneth Paltrow goes and you can live in an air-conditioned yurt is not for me.”

When it was first set up in 1970, it was intended perceived as a hippie and counter culture festival but things have maybe changed. It’s now the only festival the BBC covers and has a huge backstage of expensive celeb and media.

Bruce Dickinson, who attended the private Sharrow Vale boarding school in Sheffield, said the band had no interest in playing there.

Is he right? has Glastonbury become too middle class? has music from festivals to the BBC become too middle class? or is this a load of pointless criticisms?

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  1. He’s not wrong but it is a bit of an easy target – his point about the disproportionate resources lavished on the festival by the BBC was more pertinent. On a day when Ed Miliband is sucking up to the right by promising to cut benefits for younger people, I’d be more concerned about the increasing need to be middle class and financially secure to play there, or indeed anywhere else.

  2. Given the papers (well, the Daily Star) are reporting today that Prince Harry is “jetting back from the England v Costa Rica game” so he can get to Glastonbury, middle class might actually be an understatement.


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