The true genius of electronic music Aphex Twin is to release his first album for 13 years.

The hint was dropped in his first tweet for two years as the reclusive and brilliant musician announced the his first release since  2001’s Drukqs: There have been some strange and wonderful activity from the mystical figure withe a blimp hovering over London and James’ trademark logo was seen stenciled outside New York’s Radio City Music Hall, The album is called Syro

SYRO Track List

1. “minipops 67 (source field mix)”
2. “XMAS_Eve10 (thanaton3 mix)”
3. “produk 29”
4. “4 bit 9d epi+e+6”
5. “180db_”
6. “CIRCLONT6A (syrobonkus mix)”
7. “fz pseudotimestrech+e+3”
8. “CIRCLONT14 (shrymoming mix)”
9. “syro u473t8+e (piezoluminescence mix)”
10. “PAPAT4 (pineal mix)”
11. “s950tx16wasr10 (earth portal mix)”
12. “aisatsana”

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