BerksAntifaThe loveable rogues that are the Berkshire Antifascists are holding a fundraiser this Friday at a location TBA via Facebook. Amongst others our friends QELD and The Lagan are on the lineup so you’re guaranteed to have a good night – as well as raising some funds for a great cause. 

The group have consistently opposed all types of fascism, from transphobia to religious hatred, homophobia to classism, and they need money to do it. On Friday, they’ll be asking for £3 to hear a bevvy of righteous bands and learn more about what they do. Expect drinks, dancing and discussion.

Bristol Hip-Hop crew QELD will be headlining, bringing their own unique sound laden with heavy hitting activism. Local favourites who’ve since eloped to Bristol Will Tun and The Wasters will also be on stage, known for their jazzy and folky beats. Berkshires own Rail-27 will be opening with their special brand of feminist anarchist punk – and who knows who else will jump on stage.

You can see the event and join on Facebook here.

Support your local antifa! 

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