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The amazing Paul Allen is back with a second album under the solo guise of Anthroprophh, Louder Than War’s Lee Hammond is truly blown away by the journey.

Precession is the second album from Paul Allen of The Heads as Anthroprophh. It’s released on Cardinal Fuzz, one of the best underground psyche labels of current times, with a very limited run of just 350 vinyl copies.

Comprising just two tracks, the title track opens up with beautiful drones before the magnificent tribal drumming, provided by Paul’s touring companions Big Naturals, enters part way through. Easy going, it allows the listener to drift into an almost levitation-like state and to get lost in the vast expanse of created sound.

The sharper oscillations towards the middle are a welcome break, just as the jam seems to be stagnating. Even though the pace of the track remains constant the intensity heightens as the sound builds to a crescendo after which it fades out, having taken the listener on an immense journey through the medium of sound.

Flipping over to the B side, Ebbe begins in a similar way with beautiful oscillations of sound. Small amounts of feedback fill the spaces just before the tribal percussion resumes as the ambient drones remain constant as the percussion begins to take over. Again, this track takes the listener on a mystical journey through the medium of music.

Perhaps not as gently as Precession, there are elements of intensity and urgency on Ebbe. The swirling drones create a dense backdrop for the percussion as the guitars invade and the percussion gradually blends into the drones. There’s a frenetic build up of sound as the guitars swirl as they peak before phasing out to allow the synths to regain control of the musical landscape.

As the track is brought to a close, the listener is graciously dropped back down from the beautiful sense of calmness that permeates the whole record.

An amazing experience and a fantastic album, Precession is nothing short of a masterpiece. The journey on which the listener is taken on is exquisite, in parts breathtaking,  across a vast expansive sonic landscape, making this is an album that has to be heard in full to be fully appreciated.



Anthroprophh can be found on Facebook and Soundcloud.

All words by Lee Hammond whose Louder Than War archive can be found here

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