Another great punk band from China- Carsick Cars
Another great punk band from China- Carsick Cars

Another great punk band from China – Carsick Cars

Kerry McCarthy MP has just been to China and discovered a thriving punk scene in the country. Taken from her really good blog here’s a report on one of the bands, Carsick Cars.

There’s a thriving music scene in Beijing, although I didn’t get to see any of it. Goldie was playing the night we left (December 23rd) and Zhang Shouwang, the guitarist from Beijing band Carsick Cars was doing a gig with his other project, ”Ëœexperimental rock band’ White+. I haven’t managed to track down anything by White+ but Carsick Cars are well worth checking out. They toured the US in 2009 on a sort of cultural exchange, and then split up, although the guitarist has continued under the same name.

Here’s their biggest hit, Zhongnanhai which is both the name of a top-selling Chinese cigarette brand and the name of the Chinese Communist Party compound. They do some tracks in English too, which you can find on YouTube, but I quite like not knowing what they’re on about!

In 2012 the UK Government is putting on a big promotion of UK music, art and culture in China. I’m not sure who or what we’re sending over, but I’m going to try to find out. Will we be sending the UK equivalent of Carsick Cars, or will it be something nice and safe and mega-selling?

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  1. Readers of this blog might be interested to know that there’s a good history of Beijing Punk Rock from about 1995-2008 that was written by David O’Dell and can be found here:

    I shot this footage of Nao Zhuo (Brain Failure) in 1999-2000:


    A few years later Brain Failure played at SxSW and did a show with some West Coast (US) dates.

    Countless hours of footage have been cataloged and maybe one day will see the light of day. A few of the early zines from the scene might be on-line somewhere.

    It’s good to see that the scene is getting more exposure now.

  2. lots of chinese (and asian) alternative music available to listen or buy at world renowned australasian distributor tenzenmen (


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