Chupa Cabra/ No Friendz

Chupa Cabra/ No Friendz

Venice and Mars/ Bloody Love

Trashmouth Records



New additions to the Trashmouth family, Chupa Cabra and No Friendz announce a new split single to bring a bit of post-punk warmth to the bleak mid-winter.

Another super split single from Trashmouth featuring Chupa Cabra and No Friendz makes its way to the post- punk-hungry listening public. Although they come from very different parts of the UK, the bands have a shared sexual ambiguity and a drive to bring heartfelt authenticity to their sound. New and raw, they are both exciting and vital. As split singles go, it’s a tasty pairing that’s well worth a listen.

Chupa Cabra/ No Friendz

Chupa Cabra have been honing their live show for a while and have a punchy, abrupt sound with excellent vocals from Hayden Hughes and surprisingly lush guitars to soften the blow; the musical equivalent of a velvet boxing glove. Chupa Cabra manage to hit you where it matters, quickening the pulse and driving the pit into frenzied motion. Venice and Mars is a really excellent track. Musically, the rhythm finds its way into your soul and the juxtaposition with the delicious guitars and the crisp, angry vocal style is perfection. Heartfelt with plenty of guts, the band describe their music as:

“One generation or another’s alienation, derangement and dirty washing, projected back at you through nauseating, salivating, hypnotizing, no good sucker-punch-piss-yourself polystyrene agitator Blues”

No Friendz have brought a slushier, sleazier track to the table with Blood Love. It has real rock and roll sensibilities and is messy enough to cause interest. Frontman Angus ‘Steakhouse’ Knight has a deadpan delivery style and is an excellent musician, who guests in numerous bands in the South East London area and beyond.

Chupa Cabra/ No Friendz

There is a feeling of disquiet engendered by the music No Friendz play, a sinister edge to what might seem an almost sentimental style. Reminiscent of the darker side of glam rock Bloody Love is a musical romp, with a bombastic beginning, fine sludgy guitar fuzz and vampiric lyrics.

Both these bands are ones to watch for 2018. Part of the eclectic Trashmouth stable, they show how much good music is being put out on the label at the moment. These taster tracks are a good introduction into the music of two very different, but ultimately satisfying, bands. This Chupa Cabra/ No Friendz split single deserves a place on any Christmas list.


More information here about Chupa Cabra and No Friendz.

The single will be available to download from Trashmouth Records.

All words by Roxy Gillespie. More writing on Louder Than War can be found at her author’s archive. She Tweets as @RoxyG100.

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