6/ L’Homme A La Tete De Chou SERGE GAINSBOURG 

Another Frenchie, fabulous writer of provoking words and evocating melodies.The words are so good, I wonder how he ever became popular abroad ( after his death of course ). When I first came to England, and played some Gainsbourg, my English friends used to say : who is this horrible man?…They probably still would , if they could understand the words! Just joking…How did it happen, oh well…Sampling, thats right…Sligtly lamentable. This album is the story of a man who goes completely insane over a woman who works in a hair salon, the one who administrates the shampoos, and makes a lot of foam :). And as a matter of fact he goes so insane that his head turns into a cabbage head. Good work Gainsbarre…And as far as women are concerned, well…Can you ever trust them, anyway ?

Number 7 in Anne Pigalle’s top 10 favourite albums is here


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