7/ The Night Tripper / Gris Gris DOCTOR JOHN

When driving accross America in the 90’s and passing through New Orleans, I found a 8 tracks tape of Gris Gris, which was apropriate as the car was an old buick ( fumes included ) which had a 8 tracks player. Loved driving through the Bayou listening to this. I got to meet the man later in LA, but again thats another story. This album is really brilliant, special and different, Trippy is the word I think. Mad stuff. Refers to a lot of esoteric subcultures and root and voodoo type stuff, and probably, dare I say it : drugs. I Walk On Gilded Splinters is my fav song of the album. I love the Doors too.

Number 8 in Anne Pigalle’s top 10 favourite albums is here</strong>


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