10/ Madame Sex by ANNE PIGALLE

Ok, I don’t know if I’m are allowed to do that, (yes you are!- editor) but, honestly, I haven’t heard anything very good from the eighties onwards ( might exist but I have not discovered it ), so I would like to propose this album because I think it’s pure gold and unique. Recorded on the laptop, staight into Garageband, no effects, no extra mics, no nothing, just a guitar, an occasional piano, and some noise and toys intruments.A one woman show, an intimate creative moment, and self released. Available as downloads, and also a Art collector’s edition ( each cover is a original piece of painted artwork ), It “influenced” a lot of what’s happening out there right now. But mine is sexy, erotic, intellectual, artistic and caring…
Yes! You’ve understood, I love what I do !

Number 1 in Anne Pigalle’s top 10 favourite albums is here


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