Anne-Marie Sanderson: Eloquence – ep review

Anne-Marie Sanderson – Eloquence
Out now

Anne-Marie Sanderson’s new EP is full of delicate, gentle and slightly unsettling songs. idp listens in and likes it a lot.

Anne-Marie Sanderson is an English singer songwriter currently living and winning awards in Portland, Oregon. The four songs on her new EP Eloquence are small, sweet, and delicate things; intense and melancholy evocations of places or feelings – a beach, a room, a garden, a moment of reserve, a tentative flirtation.

The songs are pretty – which might on other occasions be damning with faint praise but not here – these songs have more than just prettiness going on. Deceptively simple on first hearing each begins with an observation or statement which, having been delivered is then teased apart with remarkable and unflinching precision, never quite reaching resolution but never descending into predictability.


Sanderson’s calm and disingenuous vocal delivers the songs with an unsettling innocence and her guitar playing, which combines unusual tunings and self taught fingerstyles (according to her website – to me it sounds like a harp or even a sitar), adds a dreamlike quality to the arrangement which suits the informal and organic feeling of the songs. Hopefully a full album will follow – if so it will be one to look out for.

Anne-Marie Sanderson’s music can be found at her website, on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and SoundCloud.

All words by idp. 

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