Anita Pallenberg RIP

IMG_1671We are sad to report the death of  Anita Pallenberg one of the key figures in rock lore and proof that Rock n roll is so much more than guitars and chords. Its the a mystical energy and a magnetic power and a walk on the dark side and Anita personified all that and also set the style for generations of boys and girls who wanted to dress wild and free.

Anita Pallenberg defined rock n roll and more precisely she defined the sixties in all its glorious possibilities and beautiful madness as she entranced The Rolling Stones with her beauty and fierce intelligence and her daredevil lifestyle.

She was an Italian actress who arrived into the heart of the decade and The Rolling Stones inner circle when she started going out with Brian Jones in 1965. In  many ways she helped create the late Stones guitarists regency dandy look, helping to style him into a new kind of male icon and the coolest looking pop star of that evade as the pair of them morphed together.

She always looked amazing, all at once regal, stylish and terrifying, she invented the ‘rock chick’ look, that swirl of style, that innate toughness and that spectacular intelligence. Like her next boyfriend Keith Richards she had that not been to bed for days look about her, that eternal croaking voice and that live forever defiance of death as the pair of them became the Bonnie and Clyde of rock n roll.

Anita owned the sixties, she was perfect style, the muse, the heart and soul and the beauty and the mystery of the eternal decade all rolled into one. Since then she was always the godmother of generations of stay out late wild girls who defied the slow lane. From Kate Moss to a myriad of larger than life style queens she was that dash of leeopordskin, that whiff of adventure and that cackle of devilish glee as she presided over the courtiers of cool.

god bless you Anita…


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