Animal Noise – Sink Or Swim

(Liquid Records)


Out 8th April 2016

Louder than war’s Ioan Humphreys has a listen to Animal Noise and is suitable impressed.

Right from the outset, this band has a great vocalist who is able to run the gamut of both (post) punk immediacy and soulfulness not heard since Jacko…… I am deadly serious. Have another listen.

This EP is a follow up to their 2012 debut LP ‘Run Loose’ that garnered them some Radio 1 and BBC 6 Music support and airplay. What they have been doing since 2012 is anyone’s guess, but by the sound of this their title track off their new EP ‘Sink or Swim’, they have been devouring and digesting every 80s and 90s band worth their salt, and mining them for inspiration and dedication.

Animal Noise’s grooves are tight, and they manage to straddle their influences nicely and dip their toes into the good parts of 80s post punk, whilst managing to avoid all the awful 80s influences that a few current bands could be accused of. (I wait with baited breath until they go away for good. I am not mentioning any names, but suffice to say it may be years and years ….)

Anyhow enough of that unpleasantness, Animal Noise are back and are teasing us with their new work and it’s enough to get my ears pricked. It’s quick, dirty, soulful and tuneful. It’s good stuff.

The lead single ‘Sink Or Swim’ will be released on the 8th April, and the EP on 15th April set for release on limited edition vinyl as part of Record Store Day.


Animal Noise can be contacted via their website or Facebook. They also tweet as @AnimalNoise

By Ioan Humphreys. More writing by Ioan Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive.

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