Animal Collective: Centipede HZ – album review
Animal Collective: Centipede HZ (Domino)
Out: Now

Baltimore’s psychedelic indie explorers venture into electronic chaos with their new album Centipede HZ

Animal Collective have certainly carved out a niche for themselves throughout the 12 years and 9 studio albums that they have been around for. Now based in New York, the quartet have flirted with a myriad of styles as they have progressed through their discography, coming ever closer to a unique and personal one.

It seems that they have managed to do just that with Centipede HZ, an album which is as enjoyable as it is occasionally impenetrable. The ”Ëœelectronic indie pop having an acid meltdown’ angle seems to work well for them, and they run with it successfully.

As stylish as it is, it is hard to ascertain whether or not the album has a great deal of staying power. What may be quirky and experimental for one person, would possibly be infuriatingly unstructured for another. It occasionally walks the line of being too hip and oblique and it’s hard to know what one should be doing whilst listening to it. It would be bloody hard to dance to, yet the scattered beats and outbursts of electronica would deem it too lively to relax to.

It’s probably best suited for those that work in fashionable clothes stores and people who don’t smile very often.

Centipede HZ is certainly original, and for that it deserves credit, but like an outspoken and extroverted character at a house party, can overstay its welcome quite quickly. Worth investigating, but approach with caution.

Animal Collective are streaming the entire album at their official website HERE

They’re also on Facebook HERE 

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