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Andy Burrows is more commonly known as that guy who was once in Razorlight. To be more precise he was the drummer in Razorlight from 2004 until his departure in 2009, however whether you believe the story of Burrows leaving the band on his own free will or that of Johnny Borrell kicking him out, it would seem his departure from Razorlight has been the making of him. Sheryl Williams takes a look at his latest release.

With the freedom to creatively do whatever the hell he wants Burrows musical talent has shone, ironically at the same time as when Razorlight’s has fallen right to the bottom of a dumpster. With the success of his previous solo project, I Am Arrows (the alias necessary because of Burrows’ Shyness to step out on his own name) under his belt, it would seem the confidence Burrows finally needed to step out fully on his own has emerged and it’s hardly surprising because ‘Company’ is an album to be proud of.

If you’re looking for catchy Razorlight anthems however, you’ll be taken by surprise, but what ‘Company’ does offer is easy on the ears, classic acoustic melodies with both beautiful vocals mixed with a magnificent variety of music.

The first stand out track on this album is unsurprisingly Burrows recent single ‘Because I know That I can’ with its simple approach. ‘Keep on Moving’ is more up tempo and perhaps one of the highlights out of this collection of songs, being a celebration to moving on with life after you’ve lost a relationship that you thought could last forever. The Electric guitar riffs half way through come as a more than welcome surprise giving ‘Keep Moving On’ the raw grit and emotion to stand as a hit in its own right.

‘If I had A Heart’ is yet another pleasant surprise on ‘Company’, but despite being a ballad with a chorus “If I had a heart, I would’ve let you go” it avoids being overly cheesy and dramatic like all the usual ballads are. Instead ‘If I Had A Heart’ depicts a relationship including the faults on both sides making it more a general eye opener to relationships than anything else.

The most beautiful track on ‘Company’ however comes towards the end of the album under the name ‘Stars In The Sky’ a heartfelt track that talks about the questions one never asks in life that but that you always should.

As you reach the end of this album it becomes obvious that ‘Company’ is a collection of songs that in many different ways tells several key stories close to Burrows heart. If nothing else it should be seen as an insight into one man’s path of life and the choices he’s made, whether celebratory or not.

What Burrows is, however, is a natural at turning these life events into outstanding music. If you hated Razorlight (Being a Love them or hate them band many did) don’t automatically rule out Andy Burrows because you may just be pleasantly surprised. After all, behind every great man is the means to what made him brilliant…

You can grab a free download of the album’s title track from Andy’s website here. Andy is also on Facebook and Twitter.

All words by Sheryl Willis. More articles by Sheryl on Louder Than War can be found here.

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