Andrew Weatherall RIP
Andrew Weatherall © Paul Grace
Andrew Weatherall © Paul Grace

We are shocked and saddened to hear of the death of Andrew Weatherall.

One of the key architects of modern music Andrew came to fame in the acid house period with his Boys Own parties and fanzine. His production of the Primal Scream album changed the course of modern music and the past decades have seen this restless and creatively brilliant soul delivering more great music.

We can never forget the first time we met him bounding into Jeff Barrett’s office with long hair and a moustache like a D’Artagnon type figure enthusing about the Clash and acid house and over the years he has always been brilliant company with his unbridled passion for music and ideas. He was also the greatest DJ we have been in a room with, with every set an adventure from rockabilly to dub to hard techno.

Farewell genius.




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