And you will Know Us by the Trail of Dead tour poster European dates 2013

And you will Know Us by the Trail of Dead tour poster European dates 2013

…And They Will Know Us from the Trail of Dead
O2 Academy, Bristol
23 April 2013

They may not have played their best, or busiest, show but with two decades under their belts …And They Will Know Us from the Trail of Dead are sounding as vital as ever. 

Three-piece punk band The Coathangers from Atlanta open the show tonight with their brand of fucked up discordant indie noise. It’s deconstruction and simplicity at its best, where Babes In Toyland meet Bikini Kill. They also sound like a band that started for a joke at a house party (which apparently they did!) and their humour and irony is laid on thickly and all in all it’s very enjoyable.

Turbowolf have been developing their sound and stagecraft for many years now and as locals here they are obviously very well received by the crowd who lap up their dynamic Zeppelin-on-meth vibe. Each song seems faster and tighter than the last. The fun this band are having is palpable and it rubs off as lead singer, Chris Georgiadis connects and jokes with the audience and as they finish their set it seems obvious that this band are getting better and tighter with every gig.

Texan And They Know Us From The Trail Of Dead has been a part of the underground rock scene for nearly twenty years now and as they take the stage to the intro of World’s Apart , Ode to Isis, It Was There That I Saw You careers from the speakers. It’s an epic onslaught that gets the goosebumps going.Up To Infinity and  Catatonic come on like a punk rock wrecking ball and guitarist for this song and drummer for others Jason Reece’s truly passionate delivery excites and cuts welts in our hearts.

Even though the venue is far from full tonight, they play with such passion and intensity it is hard not to get sucked in to the epic places their songs take you. During Homage, Reece jumps into the audience, getting intimate with the pit and it is a tactic that always stirs up the crowd getting them singing the lyrics and punching the sky with equal dedication.

Will You Smile Again hits home how good songwriters these guys are, building the tension and dynamics to breaking point.

Caterwaul and Mistakes And Regrets bring the show the close with a melodic Fugazi-esqe end proving that this band are far from over. In fact they sound more vital than ever, even if this wasn’t one of their best shows.

All words by Philip Allen. You can read more from him in his author archive.

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