Former scourge of the British establishment and Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten has now become an American citizen.

After years in the LA sunshine he is now there to stay legally as a full on septic.

Despite his Irish roots Rotto has always felt really quintessentially English and we shed a tear for the cussing one as leaves our unhappy family…

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  1. You don’t “get” to be a celebrity, unless you can be controlled by the occult-establishment. After all, they don’t want an opinion former saying things that don’t suit the agenda do they? If the occult-establishment want the young one’s singing “Anarchy in the UK”, they’ll employ a suitable actor and Rotten was/is the best.

    Because he still maintained a mind of his own….or so it seemed.

    Early interviews will see him speaking against drugs. You watch them and you think, “well… they haven’t got to him.. yet.”

    But the occult-establishment want drugs to be legal.
    They want the gullibles of the lower orders, drugged up and reading Crowley and going along with “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law..” .. After all, they sunk all that money promoting Crowley in the sixties and seventies, .. it makes sense to recruit a reliable chap to continue the cause…

    Except in the early days, John Lydon didn’t… and that is what made him interesting, for a while.

    But he learnt to conform. Probably they threatened his loved ones.

    So what can I do but put on his best act…. and oh look.. there’s good old John … a seat on the panel on TV’s “Question Time” and he says “I don’t want my drugs taxed”

    (smirk smirk.. cheeky grin to the audience.. he’s got them on his side…) then
    he does what he is told and promotes the “make drugs legal” agenda.. .making sure he’s wearing an occult symbol on his wrist.

    Thus, the “make drugs legal” movement gets a load more gullible types on board, because if “John says its ok then it must be…”

    Like most celebrities, he has no choice but to tug his forelock and get on with his act. They recruited him before he had any idea of the price of fame….the price is this… You no longer speak your mind, you say what they want you to say, in the way that they want you to say it, in the persona that you have been given.

    John Lydon is either one of the greatest actors of our time.. or… he takes risks by letting the real person shine through from time to time..

    But looks is what is happening to the older celebrity.. They are being thrown to the dogs, and we don’t know why. Why don’t actually KNOW if they are all child abusers do we? Certainly, if they joined up to the occult establishment, the rituals will have included child abuse, but we don’t know if they went along with it because they had to, or what? The occult-establishment are perfectly capable of “planting” images of child abuse on any computer owned by a celebrity, just to warn them that they are controlled. I think that this is what happened to Pete Townsend.

    John Lydon is an older celebrity, but he can still be used to form the opinions of the gullibles. When he can no longer be used, what then?

    As is evident from the 1978 Saville interview, (and as the reporter pointed out) John Lydon was “well trained.” .. He is a valuable.

    But if this final move to the States is an attempt to get free of the occult-establishment, then I hope he finds his freedom and his own mind again.
    Mostly, I hope he finds safety, because that is the main price of celebrity…. a sense of personal safety. As Peaches Geldof found out.


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